Don’t Be Jealous Imitate Me.


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    • We are soooooo glad to hear that you love your Sassy Shirtz!
      Wear that shirt proudly and with Sassitude!
      And of course, tell all your friends how they too can be in the Sassy Girlz Club.
      Be good to yourself cupcake!
      ~Sassy Shirtz

    • This may sound strange but…Your shirt loves you too, it is you! The shirt is your inner thoughts worn on the outside. Welcome to the Sassy Shirtz Club!!!The club where all members are confident and have a lot of “Sassitude”.

  1. During my growing-up years, I was never in the “in” group, just on the perimeter looking in. But as I approached adulthood, I realized I didn’t want to live the rest of my life just “looking in”. So I created my concept of being “in”. It is composed of constant learning, frequently stepping out of my confort zone to try something new, and working hard / playing hard.

    I’m proud of my many accomplishments so far in my life, so “Don’t Be Jealous, Imitate Me” couldn’t be more appropriate for me! Thanks, Sassy Shirtz!

    • And we are also proud of your many accomplishments, you rock! Always remember to give yourself a round of applause, often, as you deserve it. Many of us were also that young girl ‘looking in’ and so often having a difficult time ‘being in’. And it is so awesome to realize that we are now in charge of our lives, each day, each moment. And it is up to us and us alone to make our dreams our reality, cause we truly ‘can’ do anything we set our minds to. Just like we can decide to stay within our comfort zones, we can decide to step beyond and truly ‘taste’ life. I say you are amazing for making your decision to work hard and play hard and live well. Wear your shirt proudly and live Sassy! ~Sassy Shirtz

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