Making Time; My B.F.F.

By Michelle Clower, Co-Owner/Designer, Sassy Shirtz

Have you ever been devastated by someone or something only to realize with time that it worked out for the best?

When things in my life didn’t work out the way I thought they should, I’d allow myself to get stuck in hurt, sadness, and feelings of loss. I considered the entire experience a huge waste of time! Sound familiar?

Today, I have a healthier relationship with time. Time will be my best friend forever (BFF). It has taught me that positive reflection can only be achieved when you’re willing to accept the situation. Time is the knob on the door of acceptance. It’s less difficult to continue on your journey when your path isn’t blocked by denial.

My BFF accepts me unconditionally despite my continuous trials and errors. It’s always there for me, even when I take it for granted. Time encourages me to grow and change, and aids me in acquiring wisdom. There are no secrets in our relationship. It knows my past, present, and future.

I used to consider time an enemy before I learned to trust and respect it. I’m really happy I’ve chosen to make it my friend. After all, time is the best teacher and I’m an eager student.

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