Anthonette Cabili, September Sassy Girl Of The Month

Anthonette Cabili – Seminole, Florida

Her face graces the Sassy Shirtz website. Our Sassy Girl of the Month is 21-year-old Anthonette Cabili. Born in the Philippines and relocating to the US with her family at the age of nine, Anthonette had to be pretty sassy as a young girl in order to adapt and learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life.

Anthonette has a very loving and supportive family that she is very dedicated to, and also has a very strong devotion to her faith. She is a full-time student at USF and is majoring in Bio Medical with the aspiration to become a Pharmacist. Anthonette loves to travel and recently returned from two weeks in Spain as well as a trip to the Philippines earlier this year. She has an amazing boyfriend, Blaine, and likes to spend time with him going on nature adventures, including fishing and kayaking.

Anthonette is proud to be a Sassy Girl, and doesn’t hesitate to show it or to let everyone know it. She is adorable, smart, self-assured, grounded, motivated, and keeps a focus on what is important in life. She is working hard at planning for her future and won’t let anyone or anything prevent her from accomplishing all that she possibly can. From a small child in a new country without the ability to even speak the language, Anthonette has flourished into a well-adjusted, dynamic young woman who displays self-confidence, self-esteem and bold determination. Sassy Shirtz is proud to present such a positive role model for young women everywhere. Anthonette Cabili, you rock!

If you can dream it, then you can do it.


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