Hermones… (aka: Hormones)

By, Michelle Clower, Co-Owner/Creator, Sassy Shirtz

I know both males and females are designed with complex circuitry, but nothing rivals the impact that a woman’s hormones have on her. Hormones have the power to take a woman from tearful outbursts, to Jerry Springer rants in 15 seconds or less. There should be a course in hormones that all females are required to take and pass successfully. I playfully call them hermones because they do a number on us girls. Nothing takes complete control of me at times like my hormones.

For a while, I used to think women used them as a convenient excuse to be unpredictable or behave badly. Surely, we should be able to control ourselves, right? Well….that’s what I thought before I got caught in a hormonal cyclone!

I wish I could recall the series of events that lead to the “melt down” so I could attempt to explain what drove me to the edge, but I can only recall the moment when I knew that I was being swept away by a surge of emotions I didn’t have a good handle on. Something that would normally make little difference, suddenly became a “do or die” situation. I have a vague memory of calming down…eventually.

When a woman is feeling hormonal you better hope she falls on the sentimental side of the pendulum. Heaven help you if she ends up on the angry side. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, was written by the poor soul that caught a woman in the grip of her hormones. The good news is, we have the ability to be restored to our senses almost as quickly as we lose them.

Some woman may not appreciate me writing about this. They may think I’m portraying women in a negative light. To that I would say this: If you can’t recall a moment when you reacted in a way that later had you questioning if you’d lost your mind momentarily, then you may be unstable and you don’t have the benefit of blaming it on your hormones.


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