Vianca Simpson, October’s Sassy Girl Of The Month

October’s Sassy Girl of the Month is truly an exceptional treat! Vianca Simpson strives for excellence with a fierce determination that’s guaranteed to ensure that her dreams will come true. Graduating a year early from high school with honors, Vianca is now in her junior year at Florida State University. She is majoring in Sports Management as the youngest in her class.

Vianca really knows how to “keep it moving” like a real Sassy Girl should. She is the Treasurer of her sorority (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Special Events Coordinator for the National Panhallenic Council, and the Vice President of The Affinity, a fashion and music organization. Brains + Beauty is her signature because she balances all this while maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Vianca values faith, family, close friends, and community. Born to multi-cultural parents (Panamanian and Dominican), Vianca is the second oldest of two sisters, and is fluent in Spanish. She readily seeks guidance and direction from those wiser than her, and shares the wisdom with others who need a sympathetic ear. Her caring and compassionate nature is evident to everyone who meets her. Vianca is a natural leader and great role model for Sassy Girls everywhere.


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