Thank You For Being You!

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful people truly can be. Or, how beautiful, caring, giving, and supportive. I am blessed to be fortunate enough to meet such wonderful people. This past weekend Sassy Shirtz (Michelle Clower and myself) were at the Women, Love Thyself Conference, where we met some truly dynamic women. We thank Regina Shears-McCloud for including us in her event. Also, we thank Cori Saffo for inviting us to participate in last weekend’s event, The Working Woman’s Wine Down.
To all the women that we have met at these events, thank you for your support, kind words, your stories, your smiles. We love each of you and urge you to join forces with us and spread support to all women. There truly is strength in numbers, and we can make a difference in women’s lives. Women, let’s have each other’s backs, and offer strength and support to each other. We are such an amazing species and have so much to offer, and to learn, and to share.
Sassy Shirtz celebrates the cool in all of us and wishes everyone absolute peace and love.

Hugs, ~Teri


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