“I Love You.”

By, Michelle Clower, Co-Owner/Co-Creator of Sassy Shirtz

For many of us, finding fault with ourselves comes easy. I used to believe that doing so was the best way to whip myself back into shape. Luckily I’ve since learned that loving myself is just as effective. Now don’t get me wrong, experiencing the love of another is wonderful and let’s face it, there are some things others can do better than you can yourself….then again maybe not (wink).

Words are powerful, whether they’re said aloud or we play them in our head. When we are at our weakest we need all the strength that we can get. The last thing you need to do is beat yourself to a bloody pulp. Positive energy is much more powerful than negative energy, so loving yourself can create a force field around you that even Scrooge couldn’t penetrate.

Focusing on loving myself has truly transformed my life. I still hear those negative voices in my head from time to time (No, I don’t see dead people), but the healthier me quickly turns off the volume. Trust me, every negative thought can be replaced with a positive one. If I’ve been able to surround loving thoughts around the stretch marks on my stomach from childbirth by calling them my “badge of courage”, then you can put a positive spin on things too.

Now, I’m not encouraging people to go into denial. Sometimes your shoes are ugly or that dress does make you look fat, but that doesn’t make you fat or ugly. Besides, if you like them it really doesn’t matter what other people think now does it?

We teach people how to treat us. When you love yourself, your tolerance for mistreatment will be much lower than someone who doesn’t clearly love themselves. I really try to put loving thoughts around every situation (Warning: I’m still a work in progress). It helps me not to stay stuck in anger or disappointment. It also reduces stress which cause wrinkles, and I am too cute for wrinkles!

Love makes the world go around. When you overflow with self-love, you’re better equipped to extend love more freely to others.  You will also attract love into your life. Don’t allow the fear of negative people preying on you keep you from radiating love. When you’re filled with love you’re aglow and darkness can not survive in the light. Besides, I said love not be stupid.

We have become accustomed to wanting (and needing) to hear the words, “I Love You” from other people. When you love yourself, having others love you is a bonus.

When is the last time you said “I love you” to yourself? Try looking in the mirror and say “I Love You” everyday for one week and see what happens. You’ll be amazed by the results.

P.S. I love you too.

– This is a monthly Sassy Article written by, Michelle Clower. Please leave your comments/stories/encouraging words below for our community. Thank you.

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