Happy Birthday?

Michelle Clower

By Michelle Clower, Co-Owner/Co-Creator, Sassy Shirtz

I don’t know about many of you, but my birthdays have greater significance as I get older.  After a certain age it becomes about much more than the parties, the cake, or the gifts… (Correction: it never stops being about the cake.) For me, it is a time to reflect on the years gone by.

See, as many people begin feeling the pressure to commit to resolutions made before starting a new year, I find myself faced with a double “whammy” because eleven days after the ball drops I become a year older.

If we get honest, most of us have a healthy fear of when life as we know it will end. We want to make sure our spiritual and financial “house” is in order. We want to leave a positive legacy. We want to feel like we have lived our best life. I am no different from most in this regard. I am in touch with the fact that with each passing year, I’m aging, and I try really hard not to attach negative energy to that fact.

On the 12th day of January, I became a year older and wiser, with a whole lot of “Sassitude”! Yes, there are some things that I can no longer do like I used to, but there are also some things that I can do better! Time and wisdom have taught me many valuable lessons that I’m not sure I would have been responsive to when I was younger. In some cases, I’m “just getting it” years later. I celebrate the good and bad experiences that have molded me into the person I am today.  After all, I have come a long way baby!

I would like to encourage each of you to strive toward having a Happy Birthday when it arrives. Try not to allow the numeric value to define your age. Allow your actions and your deeds to render you ageless.  Most important, never forget the gift of life your birthday gives because there is someone somewhere who wishes they would be spared to see another one of theirs.


Happy Birthday to All!

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