Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Tiny Seed Is Super-Food.

Have you heard about Chia? Not the Chia ‘Pet’, but the latest buzz about the Chia seed and all the amazing benefits it has to offer. Chia is called Nature’s Complete Super-food and is the highest plant based source of Omega 3, dietary fiber and protein. The Chia seeds were first used as food as early as 3500 BC and were one of the main dietary components of the Aztecs and Mayans.

Chia Info:

  • Has high levels of calcium
  • Is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Is high in fiber
  • Contains iron and magnesium
  • Is a powerful antioxidant

Also talking Chia, is Purewow where you can find these really interesting drinks and more.

Mamma Chia This beverage is the most widely distributed of the chia drinks we tried (it’s available at Whole Foods and specialty stores around the country) and is most notable for its gelatin-like consistency and subtle fruit flavors. (Blackberry-hibiscus is our favorite.) Though the chunkiness takes some getting used to, we like the idea of a good-for-you drink that’s filling.

ChiaVie Rather not chew your juice? Try ChiaVie, which is made from a blend of fruits and chia powder (rather than whole seeds), for a texture that’s kind of like a smoothie. Find the California-made beverage in various specialty stores and soon online.

Synergy Kombucha Finally, the meeting of super-seed and fermentation, Synergy Kombucha (which, alas, is currently available primarily in the L.A. area) has just released a drink that pairs the thick chia texture with a tangy kombucha flavor. Health-food junkies, rejoice.


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