Never Done – By Michelle Clower

By Michelle Clower – Co-Owner/Co-Creator, Sassy Shirtz

When we grow in different areas of our life, sometimes we make the mistake of checking things off our “list” and throwing the list away. Instead, I suggest that you take “notes” and keep them handy because we’re all a “human work in progress” so therefore we are never done.

As a human work in progress, accepting I’m never done can be hard. I want to get past some things and never be faced with them again. Today, I realize I have to pay attention and take really good notes that I can use to assist me in getting through things smarter, better and faster. Note: I didn’t say easy because trials are never easy.

Life is beautiful and filled with triumphs and trials. I believe everyone was put on this earth to experience both. Some of my greatest trials have taught me the most. Like most lessons, life’s lessons come with quizzes and tests throughout the course designed to test your knowledge.  Just because you “pass” doesn’t mean your knowledge will never be tested again.

Show me someone who can’t count your change back to you when their cash register malfunctions, and I’ll show you someone who may have passed basic math but didn’t expect to have to use it again.

Whenever I overcome a particularly difficult situation that at one time would have knocked me off my square, I celebrate my growth, but never consider myself done. I strive to look at life with what Zen Buddhist call “beginner’s mind”, curious to see what I can learn and how I can do better.

From that vantage point, I never want to finish…

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