Things To Do This Summer – And All Year!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get out and do something new, something fun. Get a calendar and start planning fun events for yourself, you and your partner, or for the whole family. Summertime isn’t the only time to fill up the days on the calendar either, planning events throughout the year can keep you happy and energetic, and can provide wonderful bonding experiences you might otherwise miss out on.

Check your local newspapers and online tv station calendars for events in your community, or think outside the box for ideas. There is a great big world out there, try looking at it with the eyes of a child, and find something exciting and wondrous to experience.

Here are some ideas that we came up with, please share your ideas here as well. Just reply to this post with your suggestions.

– Learn or relearn a musical instrument, or take dance or voice lessons. America’s Got Talent can’t compare to the potential in you! Imagine what you can learn in just one committed summer.

– Take a writers workshop, or a course in photography. At the least, journal, publish some of your writing/art, or start your own photography portfolio.

– Take up yoga or join a fitness center. Most importantly, make exercise a daily promise to yourself.

– Ever thought of aviation classes? Then do it! The skies the limit!

– If you live near the water, sailboat lessons are amazing and very relaxing. Or, take scuba lessons, get licensed and go explore the oceans!

– Visit all the museums within your county, or travel beyond. Many museums hold events and activities throughout the year. Check with the museums near you.

– Got talent? Then use it, share it, coach a summer camp for arts, or for children.

– Take some cooking classes, learn about cooking healthy and economically.

– Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer… Everyone has something to offer and the rewards are limitless.

Make a commitment to fill your calendars with fun and healthy ways to enjoy all the exciting things there are to do and to learn. Life is an adventure…Buckle up!





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