What Do Women Want In A Man? Part II

Sassy Speakz Radio, with Host, The Sassy MC

We just had a fantastic show on Sassy Speakz Radio, discussing what women want in a man. Our guest tonight was Evan, a recently married young man who seems to be getting it right when it comes to pleasing his ‘HER.’ Listen in to this informative show where The Sassy MC gets asked questions by Evan as to what women want, what they are thinking, and where are they coming from with their idealistic thoughts and expectations for their ‘HIM’. This is a fun, yet realistic conversation between two people who are trying to pave the bridge in communication between the sexes.

Special thanks to Evan, who co-owns with his lovely wife, Ashley, a premier wedding photography and portrait studio in Tampa Bay, Lashes Photography, Because Life Changes In The Blink Of An Eye. Please support our guest and visit www.lashesphotography.com for all your photography, videography, and portrait needs.



Enjoy tonight’s show and archived shows at: www.blogtalkradio.com/sassy-speakz




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