Thank You

This is our latest Sassy Shirtz Blog page, our Thank You Page.

Here we open our Blog to everyone to encourage you to post a Thank You to someone who has empowered you, supported you, inspired you, or who has made a difference in your life. It can be someone from your past or your now. Sassy Shirtz stands for empowerment, respect, appreciation and being the best that one can be. We hope that our passion to motivate women (and men) to be their best will spread. Here we can all join with our appreciation of others and share inspiring stories of those who have made a difference.

Who has inspired you? Everyone has a story… what’s yours?

We will post comments here as well as feature your Thank You on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you would like to email your Thank You to Sassy Shirtz, please send to: You can include a jpeg photo too if you wish.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I have been inspired by many, but my little brother will always and forever be my greatest inspiration. His depth makes it easy for others to label him “eccentric,” but I am privileged to know better. He adds a colorful dimension to this world that I am honored to know first-hand…

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